The Shaun Mackey Life Ride

December 13, 2012

SportsCare is sponsoring ‘The Shaun Mackey Life Ride’. A charity ride to raise money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Suzannah Mackey is riding on the 15th Anniversary of the passing of her late husband Shaun Mackey. She is riding on the 12th and 13th of January from Manly Hospital (where he was born) to Commonwealth Park, Canberra (where they were married).

Suzie is looking for sponsorship for this ride and SportsCare are helping her out by providing her with a free bike set up, a free treatment and $200 towards the Cancer Research Foundation. We plan to put up regular updates and links to her blog and photos of her progress in our Gallery link above.

If you would also like to read about Suzie’s updates or help donate to her ride. Please follow the link attached! SportsCare wishes Suzie the best of luck and we plan to help her out as best as we can!


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