Eliza wins Women’s Solo Race in the Singletrack Mind Series

May 9, 2013

Eliza Kwan, who works at our O’Connor practice, is not only a star physio but is also a star mountain bike rider! Eliza won the women’s solo event at Taree in the SIngletrack Mind series! She only made her series debut at the final Singletrack Mind Series round in 2012 and now has her first title beating the solo 24 hour National Champion Liz Smith!

Congratulations to Eliza on her amazing achievement and please feel free to click here to find out more about the other winners in the Singletrack Mind Series race in Taree on the “Flow Magazine” website.

Eliza is also one of the physios that is trained in the Retul bike set up system so please contact our O’Connor clinic if there are any cycling questions or concerns because our physios understand what is required for elite level competitions!

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