A Letter from the Partners

May 7, 2020

Last year we celebrated SportsCare and Physiotherapy’s 20th year anniversary (and what a year of celebrations it was!). Much joy was experienced through reflections of how we have grown to be a leading physiotherapy practice in the region and evolved into providing multi-disciplinary healthcare services. Reuniting with previous staff members, acknowledging our referrers and supporting areas of expertise that help run business demonstrated the role they have all played to lift us up to where we are today.

Today, living in Canberra during the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in a situation we had not planned for. Like everyone, our worlds have been shaken. Particularly with our small business, providing face to face personalised consultations has seen its challenges with social distancing. At SportsCare and Physiotherapy adhering to the rules and taking all precautions to ensure our clinics are a safe place is of upmost priority. Allied Health Services have been classified ‘Essential Services’ – we truly believe we are essential to people’s wellbeing and are grateful for the recognition. A significant role that allied health services play in the role of today’s pandemic is to unload the public health system. We also have a team of health professionals dedicated to looking after their clients to achieve their goals.

To enable this commitment to our clients that are unable to attend in-clinic consultations we are launching “SportsCare Online”. Our website contains the details of services offered online from individual telehealth consultations, ergonomic assessments and online classes.

In conjunction with this, we are also going to be release the “SportsCare Care Package”. In this package, we are going to share the diverse wealth of knowledge we have within our team to help you perform and stay well. The package is divided up into the important elements to assist in achieving optimal performance – Fitness and Exercise, Community, Mental Health, Nutrition and Recovery.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to SportsCare and Physiotherapy.

Stay well and keep moving.

Graeme, Gareth, Louise and Kylie

Mask-wearing requirements have easedLearn more here