Triathlon Training

May 21, 2020

Training for a triathlon? The ultimate endurance sport, finishing a triathlon will force your body into being in perfect shape as well as giving you bragging rights forever. But be warned, this achievement will not come easy, training for a triathlon is long and punishing. To give yourself the best chance of crossing the finish line you need a training plan informed by professionals.

The good news is that SportsCare is here to help. Our physiotherapists have created a series of videos to get you in tip-top training shape. Each video will take you through tips, exercise advice on each aspect of your training, including overall mobility.

SportsCare TriStrong

SportsCare SwimStrong


SportsCare BikeStrong

SportsCare RunStrong

SportsCare Mobility

Please note that this exercise class is generic in nature. You should ensure that you are medically able to perform these exercises, that you stop if you are experiencing pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or other unusual symptoms that would not normally be associated with exercise. We recommend that you perform a warm-up routine before trying this class. Please contact our practice if you have any questions.

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