Down to earth psychology for professionals and athletes looking to take their work or performance to the next level. Resonate Psychology works in our Barton clinic.

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For Athletes and Trained Professionals

Resonate Psychology at the Barton clinic

Resonate Psychology offers counselling, performance psychology, and workshops for professionals and athletes seeking support for their needs. The Resonate team are focussed on understanding the individuals they work with, without judgement, to build quality connections for change and growth.

The team are informed about the neurobiology of psychotherapy. They understand the physical and psychological responses to stress, mental health challenges, and performance pressure.

Meet Dr Guy Little

Dr Guy Little is the registered psychologist who leads the Resonate team in our Barton clinic. He holds a PhD in Client-practitioner relationships in sports injury rehabilitation, a Master’s degree in the psychology of sport and exercise, and a Bachelor degree with honours in psychology. He works with clients with a range of backgrounds, from those looking to take their work or sports performance to the next level to those seeking support for a range of mental health needs.

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