Product of the Month! Dura Disc

July 19, 2011

A great way to improve balance and proprioception for lower limb injuries. Helps to strengthen and increase endurance in the hip, knee and ankle. It is not stressful to the healing tissues and enhances general coordination. Great for ankle rehabilitation from netball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball injuries.

Progression of Dura Disc Exercises

  • Once full weight bearing, can start using dura disc
  • Start with both legs, 2-3 minutes circling in each direction
  • Single leg balance: try to balance for 15 seconds, rest for 10 seconds
  • Progressively challenge yourself
    • Arms out in front of body
    • Eyes closed
    • Knee bends
    • Single leg squat
    • Other leg swinging
    • Bounce / catch ball


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