We combine the biomechanical knowledge of Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists experienced in elite cycling with some of the most advanced cycling analysis technology for a premium Bikefit service. Exclusively at SportsCare Woolley St, Dickson.

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Why Riders Get a Bikefit

  • Maximise comfort on the bike.
  • Help with injury prevention and minimise discomfort.
  • Improve efficiency and optimise performance.
  • Set up a new bike.
  • Adjusting an existing bike to suit current requirements more appropriately.

We combine the biomechanical knowledge of physiotherapists experienced in working with elite sport, and some of the most advanced technology available to provide a premium Bikefit service.


What Bikefit at SportsCare includes:

  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal screening by a qualified physiotherapist to help determine your individual optimal position on the bike.
  • Accurate 3D bike measurement using the STT 3DMA system.
  • 3D motion analysis including 360 degree, real time, full body optical motion capture.
  • Bike adjustments and recommendations of any equipment changes as appropriate.
  • Re-assessment of position on the bike post adjustment.
  • A detailed report of the assessment, adjustments and bike measurements.
  • A corrective exercise program for any biomechanical issues detected.
  • Ongoing support and communication to ensure the Bikefit is right for the cyclist.

Who is Bikefit for?

We can tailor a Bikefit to anyone’s needs from cyclists who like a leisurely pedal around the lake, to elite and national competition level, and everyone in between.

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Please remember to bring your bike and bike shoes along to this service.

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