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At SportsCare, we offer a wide range of physiotherapy, hand therapy, exercise physiology, massage services and more with varying appointment lengths to suit your circumstances.


All Physiotherapists will be Ahpra registered and have a Bachelor degree or equivalent post graduate degree in physiotherapy with the ability to treat a wide range of patients and conditions while staying up to date on current research.

There are three tiers within physiotherapy; Junior, Senior and Titled. This is reflective in our service pricing, as there are varying levels of qualification.


Physiotherapists have 1-5 years of industry experience, are up to date on current research, and are competent in all body areas including spinal, upper and lower limb.



Senior Physiotherapist

Senior Physiotherapists have 5 or more years experience in the industry and are competent in treating more complex presentations, and may have speciality areas or specific areas of interest.


Titled Physiotherapist

Titled Physiotherapists have more than 5 years of industry experience, and have a Masters degree in a specialty area such as Sports or Women’s Health.

Titled Physiotherapists have the ability to treat complex conditions and often have specific specialty areas, however still have the ability to treat all body areas and conditions.


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1. Refer a friend to any SportsCare clinic for one of our services: Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Massage, and more.*
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