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Unlock new levels of performance for a range of sporting disciplines with SportsCare’s Performance Project. Available in select SportsCare clinics.

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For Athletes and Trained Professionals

SportsCare’s Performance Project

Performance Project is a collection of specialised equipment, analysis, and methods with experienced clinical experts with the aim to improve performance in your sport or activity. Some of our clinics offer specialised equipment for runners, cyclists, triathletes, other sporting codes, and lifestyle clients so they can understand where they are now, how they can improve technique and/or strength, and plan to achieve their goals.

Bikefit at Dickson, Woolley St

Bikefit is a biomechanical analysis and bicycle adjustment for cycling and triathlete enthusiasts and athletes using the STT 3DMA system. A 3D motion analysis with 360 degree, real time, full body optical motion capture will identify and analyse how you move on the bike so your bike can be adjusted for maximum comfort and improved efficiency. Available at our Dickson, Woolley St clinic.

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Running Lab at Dickson, Woolley St

SportsCare’s Running Lab is a collection of services for runners to improve their running technique and performance, including running assessments, strength training, and free weekly running classes. A running assessment is a 90-minute one-on-one session to develop a detailed assessment (often using our STT 3DMA system), identify areas of improvement, and develop a plan with strengthening exercises to help improve performance and reduce injury risk. The Woolley St clinic also has an anti-gravity treadmill for runners and athletes returning from injury, to improve running technique, or for runners looking to increase mileage while managing load.

Running assessments are also available at our Barton and Weston clinics.

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AxIT Performance Analysis

Don’t guess about your strength, power, and progress. AxIT is a complete physical assessment system that analyses baseline strength and power, muscle and movement imbalances, as well as progress and improvement over time using force plates and push and pull devices. For athletes and lifestyle clients looking to level up, our Barton clinic offers Basic and Comprehensive Assessments to focus on specific areas of the body, but our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists in Barton may use the AxIT system to measure strength and power in treatment and programming.

Performance Coaching

SportsCare offers highly personalised coaching plans for triathletes and runners of all abilities and distances. Our university-qualified coaches ensure your athletic goals, work and home demands, and injuries are all factored in when prescribing your program.  

Available at our Dickson, Woolley St and Cowper St clinics.

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