New Gym Equipment and programs available at Dickson!

September 21, 2011

You may have noticed a few changes around SportsCare over the last couple of months. We’ve been updating our gym equipment and by the end of 2011, plan to give the room a face-lift to make it easier on the eye and also more user friendly. With the new gym equipment and a new look we are hoping to provide users of the gym with an excellent facility to continue their rehabilitation.

The new equipment you may have seen (pictured) is called a Total Gym. It is extremely versatile and is suiable for those just starting off an exercise program or rehabilitation after injury to those looking for higher level workout and conditioning. If you’d like to try the machine or even have a demonstration of its use we’d be more than happy to show you the ropes.

We have also installed a new treadmill and bike for your use. The treadmill offers users a range of walking and running programs and has the ability to incline to 120– a hefty slope! The bike is very simple to use, has an adjustable resistance and the easy spinning makes it an excellent low impact option.

Please ask any of our physiotherapists to show you around or to incorporate this new equipment into your program. After you become comfortable on the equipment with your physiotherapist, you are able to book in and use the equipment whenever you like!

In the future with renovations to the walls and flooring the gym may be temporarily unavailable. It is hoped that the work will occur over the weekend limiting any disturbance to your gym use though there may be some overlap. We will give you plenty of notice if disruption is likely.

Finally, if you have any questions with regard to the gym equipment or the project, please do not hesitate to contact one of physiotherapists or leave a message at the front desk. Your patience it putting it all together has been greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy the final product.

Warm Regards

SportsCare and Physiotherapy Dickson

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