Wests Rugby Boys lose Grand Final

September 14, 2011

After a long season, the Wests Rugby Club came away with two grand final appearances although this year the spoils didn’t fall their way. For Byron, the season was an an enjoyable but extremely steep learning curve and an invaluable experience in time management and team work. It had just about everything in the way of injuries, heaps of interacting with the local sports Dr’s and even included scrubbing in for the odd repair job for some stitching (although too much coffee may have unsteadied his nerve over the scalpel!!!).  Byron would like to say a huge thank you to those who were able to lend a hand throughout the 2011 Rugby season. This includes they guys in the clinic who provided advice on the players progress and a special thanks to Sara, Lisa and Kylie who were able to lend a hand throughout the season. Go Wallabies and good luck to Wests in the 2012 season.

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