SportsCare Partner Kylie Kook on managing rugby, teamwork, and motherhood

January 31, 2024

SportsCare’s Principal Physiotherapist, Kylie Kook’s, journey into sports physiotherapy was shaped by her active childhood filled with netball at recreational and state levels. Her personal experience with physio following sports-related injuries ignited a passion that propelled her into what has become a lifetime specialty —sports physio.

Loving the challenge of enhancing various aspects such as jumping, running, and strength, Kylie elevates her practice beyond regular musculoskeletal care. With 17 years’ experience, she has truly immersed herself in the field.

Kylie now navigates the world of semi-professional women’s rugby, reveling in its unique strategies while balancing motherhood and managing a clinic. Her journey showcases a dedication to both professional growth, as well as the challenges sports physiotherapy offers.

Leadership with the Brumbies Super Rugby Womens team

As the Head Physiotherapist for the Brumbies Super Rugby Womens team, Kylie brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. Having completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in 2015, her journey with the Brumbies began during her final placements. Fast forward to the present, and she now leads the physiotherapy team, a role she was invited to take on by some familiar faces from her early days with the Brumbies.

Starting her day at 4pm at the Brumbies head quarters, Kylie checks into the database to assess the players’ wellbeing, focusing on factors like post-training soreness and sleep quality. She identifies athletes who may need additional attention, proceeding to treatments and check-ins for those with known injuries. As the team gears up for the upcoming season, Kylie’s responsibilities intensify, encompassing athlete preparation, on-site physio management, and facilitating rehab drills. With the first trial match coming up, Kylie is immersed in ensuring the team’s prime physical condition for a successful season kickoff on the 3rd of February 2024.

Balancing being a working mum

For Kylie, being a working mum is indeed a balancing act, but now that her children are becoming more independent, Kylie has found a rhythm in managing her multiple responsibilities. Super organisation is her key to success, extending from meal plans to coordinating holiday care and pick-ups. In the clinic, Kylie approaches her tasks with clarity, knowing what needs to be done and efficiently delegating to achieve her goals. Support from her family is crucial, with her husband, parents, and, most importantly, her kids playing pivotal roles. 

Kylie has learned to savor each moment, cherishing the time she spends with her children, in the clinic, and at training. 

How SportsCare has supported Kylie’s journey

At SportsCare, Kylie discovered more than just a workplace – she found a community that encourages individual passions. For a decade, she has thrived as a Partner, and over the past recent years, she has been the manager of the Weston clinic. Kylie’s return to covering sports was met with unwavering support from her team and fellow Partners. They provided her with the invaluable gifts of time, space, and resources, enabling her to pursue her ambitions. Now, with a newfound opportunity with the Brumbies Women, Kylie feels the genuine support of her team at Weston. Even in a managerial role, she experiences the rare comfort of knowing her pursuits are encouraged, and the clinic thrives in her absence.

Follow your dreams

Kylie reflects on the excitement that comes with her role in the journey of individual female athletes and the Brumbies Women team. As a part of the growth of women’s sport, she feels honoured to contribute to uplifting a female team in a predominantly male-dominated sport. The Brumbies, the most successful Super Rugby franchise in Australia, provide Kylie with a unique opportunity to elevate the women’s team to the same professional sphere.

One of Kylie’s career goals was to work with a professional rugby team. However, when she became a mother, she had to reprioritise her aspirations. Reflecting on her journey, Kylie expresses the immense satisfaction of achieving this goal. It has been truly fantastic for her to finally meet this milestone and witness the realisation of a significant ambition. The fulfillment of working with a professional rugby team not only highlights her professional accomplishments, but also underscores the importance of perseverance and adapting to life’s changing circumstances.

If you’d like to connect with Kylie, you can make an appointment at the Weston clinic, and you can follow the Brumbies Women team’s season results here.