Performance Coaching

SportsCare offers highly personalised coaching plans for triathletes and runners of all abilities and distances. Our university-qualified coaches ensure your athletic goals, work and home demands, and injuries are all factored in when prescribing your program.

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The Process

  • An initial appointment will provide the opportunity to discuss your goals, assess current or identify any possible future injuries, as well as a training and racing plan.
  • Your coach will then develop a program that includes daily (or as determined) personalised sessions tailored specifically for you and your unique requirements.
  • To achieve a successful athlete-coaching relationship, participating athletes are recommended to maintain regular communication regarding training sessions via our online program platform and/or via email, as well as through an in-clinic review every 1-2 months. 


About Dave

Dave Halpin is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist with a Bachelor‘s Degree in Coaching Science.

Dave has 15 years of sports coaching experience and has coached a number of athletes to world championship events. He is also a 7-time Ironman, Ultraman, road marathon and 100km trail runner finisher. Dave has represented Australia as an age-group triathlete, completed a 3:03 marathon and 12hr 100km trail run, as well as finished an Ultraman in 24 hours, finishing 4th overall.

Dave understands what it takes to train and race successfully and hopes to continue to bring success to any athlete he has the opportunity to coach in the future. 

Who’s Performance Coaching for?

Performance Coaching is for running and triathlon athletes of any skill level.

Other Services

Aside from our coaching service above, athletes will still significantly benefit from other services provided at SportsCare Canberra; including Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiologist led exercise classes, knee strengthening classes, and sports massage.

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